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Sande Energy Solutions is a division of Sande Solutions that specialises in the sales and distribution of bulk fuel products. Diesel, all grades petrol, and illuminating paraffin may be ordered through Sande Energy and these products will be delivered to your premises

Petroleum costs today are the highest outset cost in every business. Keeping the costs as low as possible would be highly beneficial. Sande Energy Solutions will provide the opportunity to supply you with a quality product at a very good price and therefore effectively lower your costs and grow your business. 

Supplying fuel when you need it, where you need it

Trucks, trains, buses, boats, agricultural and construction vehicles, mining haul/dump trucks, and other heavy equipment all use diesel, but so too do generators at power stations, mines and manufacturing facilities, making diesel an essential fuel to keep industry humming. Although diesel has been used in commercial and industrial applications for decades, there’s an increasing awareness of the effects of sulphur, an element found in petroleum fuel oils. Enter low sulphur fuels, which are better for the environment, human health and modern diesel engines. In addition to regular diesel, we also supply low sulphur diesel, which has a sulphur content of just 50 ppm (parts per million)

Our Various Products

Energy drives the economy; turns the wheels of industry, allows us to produce goods and services we can’t live without, gives people jobs, and helps us create comfortable lives for ourselves and our families. Underpinning the energy flow many of us take for granted, reliable supply of the fuels we need to, literally, keep the lights on and the home fires burning! We’re a South African-based independent energy company offering reliable fuel supply, logistical, and fuel storage solutions to industries across Africa. Our clients include mines, manufacturing facilities, and power plants.





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